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The Sino Surplus International Limited£¨SINOSI£©is the leading producer and sales company of silica, quartz and crystal materials and related products. Backed by the Ministry of Geology & Mineral Resources of China and sharing the most up to date lab facilities and research resources of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences enabled the SINOSI a first class company in producing quality silica, quartz and crystal materials as well as the most reliable sales company in China.

SINOSI has been developed and merchandised 30 categories, more than 500 types of silica, quartz, crystal materials and related products. SINOSI users spread over 30 more countries and areas. The 99.9995% purity silica sands and 99.9%¡¯s nanometer silica powder which SINOSI developed are the top products of world¡¯s silica industry. They are the state-of-art milestone in this field. SINOSI is also the one of the best raw materials suppliers of the World¡¯s IT industry. The birth of top purity silica sand and micro silica powder materials, has built a solid foundation for the further development of world¡¯s IT industry. Along with the rapid development of IT industry, SINOSI is challenging the highest peak of world¡¯s technology with his top performance.

As the authorized agent of America National Oil Company, America Auto Wax Company, Canada Global Financial Group, Brazilian Interac and TMC iron ore, GM, Hoya, Jalux, Kagami and so on, we also offer you with a full range of crude and refined oil, iron ore, manganese ore, chrome ore, car care products, crystal arts & crafts and so on.

Our Professional R&D Team

We have a team of professional specialists / experts in geological, mineral and processing of silica field who have more than 10 to 20 years research, testing and production experiences in respective institutions, mines and factories all over China. Their profounded theory and successful practical operation experience, has been unanimously recognized and highly regarded in the field. They have reached mineralogy, mining, picking, chemical industry, metallurgy, mechanics, instruments, analysis and other special areas. Technicians of SINOSI has actively combined traditional exploration, mining, picking techniques and modern chemical industry techniques and mechanics together. Through the study of geological theory of SiO2, Silicon molecule dynamics theory, granularity crystal plasticity deformation theory, molecule fission theory, inner crystal air-raid impurity deformation theory and other theories, handling the core sample to purifying refine process by mathematical models, Online QCS testing and controlling of products with instruments of millionth to billionth precision, to ensure SINOSI to be the constant and steady provider of high-purity and super granularity SINOSI silicon materials to customers all over the world.

Our Silica, Quartz and Crystal Mine Resources

Our mines cover the provinces of Hebei, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Tibet, Gansu, Shanxi, Anhui, and Jiangxi provinces in China. At the mean time, we also choose places like India and Vietnam conditional as mines resources. We have stored over 500,000,000 Metric Tons silica minerals by having mining licenses or cooperation with firms with mining licenses, some of them which reach the industrial level of crystal with storage more than 8,000,000 metric tons.

Our Series Silica Materials and Related Products

SINOSI has mainly 16 series over 300 types of products in silicon material products which has competitive marketing value. Some production list as below:

¡¡¡ï 100,000 metric tons per year silica, quartz and crystal ore with SiO2 99% min.
¡¡¡ï 1,000,000 metric tons per year silica sand with SiO2 95% min for glass industry
¡¡¡ï 30,000 ton/year high purity fine quartz sand with SiO2 content more than 99.9%
¡¡¡ï 10,000 ton/year high purity silicon material with SiO2 content more than 99.9%
¡¡¡ï 30,000 ton/year melted quartz pieces, powder
¡¡¡ï 50,000 ton/year crystal, melted and metal silicon powder
¡¡¡ï 10,000 ton/year quartz tube, rod, disc, etc.
¡¡¡ï 30,000 ton/year metal silicon and Ferro Silicon
¡¡¡ï 3,000,000ton/year Kaolin clay ,barytes, Rock Phosphate and many other nonmetal materials.

Our Professional E-Commercial Platform In Si-Industry

The established and launched by SINOSI, is one of the most professional B2B marketplaces in silica or silicon industry. It provides a showing and trading platform for silica or silicon material and products as well as an issuing and recommending center for the authority and professional information of silica or silicon R&D developments, new R&D and investment projects, industry standards and si market. Therefore, It is presenting the most comprehensive and systematical si industry news, information, and market trends. Originally, It has created a presenting and trading platform for si R&D, products, and projects.

Our Import Business and International Cooperation

Specializing in the China market demands and the policies of import and export as well as international cooperation, SINOSI has introduced many world famous companies and name brands into China market while brought in great benefit to both china and its own. SINOSI is active in the export and import with manufacturers, mine owners, and energy corporations from the USA, Japan, Canada, Britain, Germany, Australia, Brazil, North Africa, Argentina, Nigeria, Peru, and other countries. During the association with them, SINOSI has built good relationship with them as well as gained the ever-expanding experience and opportunities. Currently SINOSI are providing these

International cooperation as follows:

        1.The exclusive agent in China market for German Hocem company
The Exclusive Agency of SINTESI Soft Fiber (Italy) in China
¡¡¡¡3.The General Agency of American National Oil Company Inc.
¡¡¡¡4.The General Distributor of American Auto Wax Company Inc.
¡¡¡¡5.The agent of cooperation of Global Financial Group
¡¡¡¡6.The agents and Importer of crystal arts & crafts
¡¡¡¡7.Import of iron ore, manganese ore, chrome ore and minerals

Centralized Formed Conglomerate Managing Team

SINOSI utilizes the unique techniques of itself, with advanced marketing spirits, scientific enterprise management experiences and specialized team of people, formed the conglomerate managing team of Chinese style by centralized managing pattern. It realized scaled profit on the first stage by realization of scaled economics. Presently, by means of capital, techniques, sales, representatives, management and etc., SINOSI has become a corporation in China¡¯s Silica materials supplier and a professional import and export company. Mainly there are following companies:

¡¡¡ï Sino Surplus International Ltd.
¡¡¡ï Sino Silica Beijing Co., Ltd.
¡¡¡ï Sino Silicon Industry Co., Ltd.
¡¡¡ï Sino Quartz Industry Co., Ltd.
¡¡¡ï Sinosi Sci-Tech Beijing Co., Ltd.
¡¡¡ï Sinosi Mining Industry Co., Ltd.
¡¡¡ï Sinosi Trading Beijing Co., Ltd.
¡¡¡ï Sinosi International Trading Co., Ltd.
¡¡¡ï Sinosi Powder Materials Co., Ltd.
¡¡¡ï Sinosi Materials & Techniques Co.,Ltd.

Specialized Managing Spirit

First-Class products and services

We will use our wisdom and power at the every bit, to satisfy our customers¡¯ need. We will adjust our products and service to move with the tide of time.

First-Class team and management

Our ultimate goal is to combine the company culture with our employee¡¯s quality, knowledge, ability, experience, and spirit. Our team is to provide the best products and services though every single one of the team might not be the best.

First-Class mechanics and spirit

To be visionary and reasonable is our first spirit when considering management. We are setting rules with fairness and strictness, thus to form the principle of fair, simple and consistent.

First-Class Enterprise Culture

Commitment, activated, open-minded, and creative is the professionalism of our staff. We are aiming at building a first-classed, high efficiency company, with simple and concordant working environment, and to create better life standard for everyone.

International-honored Recognition


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