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Welcome to Sino Surplus International Limited
a focused speciality silica and related materials producer and products sales company in mainland China.
Sino Surplus International Limited strives to offer all her customers with happy sales and satisfactory purchase experience - Competitive price, Guaranteed Quality and Reliable service.
Hot Sales Silica Fume
Hot Sales For Precipitated Silica
Hot Sales For Kaolin Clay Mainly Use In Ceramic and Dope Industry
High Purity Silica:SiO2>99.9%,Fe2O3<5ppm,Size:40-120mesh
Top Purity Silica:SiO2>99.9995% Size:40-100mesh
1. Dia.1.0!40mm Top Purity and Clear Silica Rod, Production Capacity 30mt/month
2. Dia.1.5---110mm Top Purity and Clear Silica Tube, Production Capacity 30mt/month

Natural Silica Natural Silica
-Natural Silica Ore
-Golf & Garden Silica
-Found Silica sand
Glass Silica Glass Silica
-Glass-Industry Silica
-K-Na Feldspar
Purity Silica Purity Silica
-Refined Silica Sand
-Refined Silica/Quartz Powder
-High Purity Silica
-Top Purity Silica
-Top Purity, Nano-meter and Spherical Silica/Silicon Materials
Fused Silica Fused Silica
-Fused Silica Block
-Fused Silica Powder
-Micro Fused Silica Powder
-Spherical Fused Silica Powder
Ferro Silicon Ferro Silicon
-Ferro Silicon
Silicon Metal Silicon Metal
-Normal Silicon Metal
-Standard Silicon Metal
Chemical Silica

Chemical Silica
-Amorphous Silica
-Hydrated Silica
-Water Glass
Guar Gum
-Silica Gels

Silica Carbide Silica Carbide
-Natural SiC
-Black SiC
-Green SiC
-Brown SiC
-V-W SiC
Synt.Si.Materials Synt.Si.Materials
-Synthetic Silica Materials
-Synthetic Silica Powder
Synthetic Mica Synthetic Mica
-Synthetic Mica Chips
-Synthetic Mica Powder
-Synthetic Mica Paper
-Synthetic Mica Tape

-Mica Tape for cable

Silica Tube Silica Tube
-Cle.Silica Tube
-Tran.Silica Tube
Silica Rod Silica Rod
-Clear Silica Rod
-Tran.Silica Rod
Silica Disc Silica Disc
-Fused Silica Disc
-Synthetic Silica SAW
Semi-Silica Semi-Silica
-Synthetic Silica Optics
-Semi-Conductor Silicon
-Special Silica Seal
Silica Arts & Crafts Silica Arts & Crafts


Microsphere Wave Plate Series
-Wave Plate
-Zero Order Wave Plate
-Polarization Rotator
-Dual Wavelengths Wave Plate
Microsphere Window Series
-UV Fused Silica Windows
-Super Thin Optical Windows
-IR & UV Windows
-Sapphire Windows
-Borosilicate Windows
Microsphere Interference Filter
-Interference Filter
Microsphere Nonlinear Crystal
-Nonlinear Crystal
Microsphere Coating Materials
-Silicon Monoxide Powde
-Coating Materials

-EVA Film for Solar Cell   Encapsulation
-Background Film for Solar   Cell Encapsulation
-Solar Module Laminator
-Solar cell of   monocrystalline silicon
-Solar cell of   monocrystalline silicon
-Solar Cell Sorter
-PV Glass
-PV Soldering Ribbon
-Solar Module Simulator

Microsphere Semi-Conductor Si Materials
-Semiconductor Materials
Microsphere NdFeB & Ceramic Magnets
-NeodymiumCIronCBoron & Ceramic Magnet


Top Purity Silica Top Purity Silica
-Natural Silica Sand
-Top Purity, Nano-meter and Spherical Silica/Silicon Materials

Micro Silica Powder
-Natural Micro Silica

-Fused Micro Silica
-Spherical Fused Silica Powder

Microsphere Nano-Meter Si Materials
Nano-Meter Si Materials
Nanometer Tech.In

Oil field Silica Materials
API Standard Gravel Pack Sand
-Common Gravel Pack Sand

Microsphere Microsphere
Nanometer Tech.In Nanometer Tech.In
Silica Industry
Nanometer Tech.In
Silica Industry


Kaolin Clay Kaolin Clay
Kaolin Clay
China Talc China Talc
China Talc
Barites Barites
K-Na Feldspar K-Na Feldspar
K-Na Feldspar
Mica Powder Mica Powder
Mica Powder
Phosphorite Phosphorite

Specializing in the China market demands and the policies of import and export as well as international cooperation, SINOSI has introduced many world famous companies and name brands into China market while brought in great benefit to both china and its own. SINOSI is active in the export and import with manufacturers, mine owners, and energy corporations from the USA, Japan, Canada, Britain, Germany, Australia, Brazil, North Africa, Argentina, Nigeria, Peru, and other countries. During the association with them, SINOSI has built good relationship with them as well as gained the ever-expanding experience and opportunities.
Currently SINOSI are providing these international cooperation as follows:

- The general agent of ^SINTESI ̄ Soft Fiber (Italy) in China market
SINOSI is the Chinese exclusive agent of ^SINTESI ̄ soft fiber, which is a proprietary production from SINTESI SRL (Italy). This company is a professional organization with more than 20 years, with great reputation on the technology and production of ceramic/pottery and sanitary ware. The soft fiber with brand of ^SINTESI ̄, is invented and manufactured by SINTESI SRL, supplying a crack of pottery and sanitary ware field. It repairs the manufacturing defects in sanitary ware before glazing, is very popular in Europe and American market. More....

- The general agent of National Oil Company
As the general agent of National Oil Company in China, SINOSI is aspiring to serve for china corporations and end users. Through positive cooperation with Petrochina, Sinopec and other famous corporations, SINOSI imports crude oil, LPG, LNG from Nigeria, Argentina, Kuwait, Russia and other countries, and also gasoline, diesel, kerosene, naphtha and other oil products from the USA, Canada and Singapore, which contributes to the China fast growing economy. More....

- The exclusive agent in China market for German Hocem company.
The Sino Surplus International Limiteda member of SINOSI groupis the exclusive agent in China market for Hocem, a German company. With more than 25 years experiences in the market, Hocem products ranging from base oil, industrial oils, blending products and gas oil together with efficient infrastructure for transport, logistics and quality control. Hocem is making great efforts to offer safe and efficient trading, handling, storage and distribution of clean petroleum products and chemicals for worldwide customers. Together with Hocem, SINOSI promises to provide excellent to domestic clients in any possible way for the great China region market.More....

- General agent of Auto Wax Company Inc.
During the work as General agent of Auto Wax Company Inc (^Auto Wax ̄), SINOSI has introduced the American top ranking techniques and service of auto conditioning to China customers. (^Auto Wax ̄) is famous for its auto conditioning products of Auto Magic, Body Magic and Clay Magic. With the help of SINOSI, (^Auto Wax ̄) has established a marketing and service center---SINOSI Trading Co. Ltd., in which the technique training, marketing, and services providing are well integrated. More....

- Agent for cooperation of Global Financial Group
SINOSI and China Marketing Association Doctorate Center (CMA)are the China agent for cooperation of Canada Global Financial Group. They have been playing an important role as a bridge in advancing RPI project and China corporation investment and financing. In addition, SINOSI provides professional assistance and support for China corporations in marketing, VI design, brand extending, and so on. More....

- Import and sales of crystal arts & crafts
Presently, SINOSI¨s import and sales involves the products of HOYAKAGAMISOGA from Japan, BOHEMIAE, ROSSI, BOA, B.J, EGESMANN from Czechoslovakia, DOBERN, FK, CONCORDE from Germany, SB, BOW STREET from France, MKL, RCR, Formia, Sardinia from Italy, and products from other countries. More....

- Import of iron ore, manganese ore and other minerals
In trade of iron ore, manganese ore, and chromium ore, SINOSI has been keeping favorable relationship with the clients from Brazil, Australia, India, Turkey, North Africa, Libya, Peru, and other countries. As a result, SINOSI brings in the high quality minerals serving for the China steel and manufacture industry. More....

- The B2B website of
The established and launched by SINOSI, is one of the most professional B2B marketplaces in silica or silicon industry. It provides a showing and trading platform for silica or silicon material and products as well as an issuing and recommending center for the authority and professional information of silica or silicon R&D developments, new R&D and investment projects, industry standards and si market. Therefore, It is presenting the most comprehensive and systematical si industry news, information, and market trends. Originally, It has created a presenting and trading platform for si R&D, products, and projects.More....





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