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SiO Powder Materials

Brief Introduction

SinoSi silicon monoxide, SiO powder materials, s an amorphous solid, with similar hardness with silicon. Silicon monoxide is brown in powder or pressed form and black in granular or lump form. SiO is stable at room temperature, but at temperatures of 400-700<C, SiO can be decomposed into silicon oxide and silicon. Silicon Monoxide is a highly desirable coating material due to its high deposition rate and ease of evaporation using low cost resistance-heated coating systems. SiO is also noted for its excellent environmental stability.


SiO powder materials, is mainly used in optical and thin film coating. SiO can be coated on plastics, glass and other substrates. Please refer to information below to learn details.

-Optical:SiO coatings are used for optical applications in reflectors, flood lamps, mirrors, jewelry, and other products. SiO coatings can reduce reflection in the near infrared range or act as interference layers. SiO is also ideal for use with ZnS and other materials for reflective coatings. SiO layers formed in oxygen atmosphere (Si203) are used for antireflection coatings or interference coatings for ray splitting in the visible range.

-Electronic:SiO films are used in thin-film capacitors, hybrid circuits, semiconductor components, and other electronic applications. A variety of insulating and dielectric properties can be achieved by proper selection of SiO film thickness.

-Protective:SiO films are deposited on aluminum surface mirrors, lenses and gratings to protect against corrosion and wear.

-Experimental:New uses for SiO are being discovered on an ongoing basis. Consequently, the demands for new forms or purities of SiO are also changing.We will continue our effort in developing new purity silicon monoxide to meet customers' changing requirements.


SiO powder materials is generally prepared by condensing the vapor formed when pure silicon and pure quartz are reacted in a vacuum at high temperatures. The purity of the final SiO product is determined by the starting materials and reaction procedures used. Depending on the temperature of the collector, the finished SiO will range from lightweight, brown-to-black porous pieces to a dense, black glassy material.

Chemical Components

SiO: 99%min.
Fe:100 ppm max.
Al :100 ppm max.
Cu :50 ppm max.
Ti: 50 ppm max.
Ca: 50 ppm max.
Mn: 50 ppm max.
Ni : 100 ppm max.
Mg: 100 ppm max.

Physical Properties

Molecular Weight
Melting Point Sublimes
Crystal Structure Amorphous
Solubility Insoluble in water. Soluble in dilute hydrofluoric acid.
Density 2.13 to 2.18 g/cm3 (calculated)
Bulk Density of Powder Approx. 0.9 g/cm3
Evaporation Temperature 1100 to 1400<C
Transparent Region 0.45 to 7 microns

Type of SiO Powder Materials

Re-Order No.
Purity Partical
SS/CS/SHS-2001 99% min 3-6 mm
SS/CS/SHS-2001 99% min 6-15 mm
SS/CS/SHS-2001 99% min 15-20 mm


We pack SiO powder materials 1000g each with plastic bottles , then into cartons or wooden cases.

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